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No one wants to be left out ...

... especially a boy or girl who might have to stay home when all their friends are going off to holiday camp. And more especially if that boy or girl comes from a Children's Home, and already feels 'different' to everyone else.

That's why we're desperately hoping friends like you will help us say YES to all 58 of our kids who want to go to summer camp this year.

As you can imagine, it's costly - R3 000 for just one child. And there's no way our budget will stretch to this when there are so many other bills to pay.

But if enough kind people each chip in something, we can make it happen.

Whether you can give R200, R500, R1 000 or the full R3 000 to sponsor one child, please will you make the decision now to help send our kids to summer camp?

It might seem like an expensive luxury. But the truth is our children are different. And the opportunities these camps offer to learn about teamwork ... leadership ... challenging their fears ... and the wonder of nature - are of vital importance to their development.

Your sponsorship would mean the world to a girl like Mandy. Her mother never really wanted her - so Mandy spent her early years trying to be 'invisible'. She's a shy and anxious little soul with no self esteem.

Imagine her being part of the team that wins the 'Tug of War' ... and discovering that her efforts made all the difference to her team's success!

Benji's the complete opposite. His abusive upbringing makes him think he needs to be tough and aggressive to get what he wants. He's never had to help weaker members of a team in order to achieve a common goal - or had an adult point out the beauty of a delicate moth.

In short, these kids need to go to camp more than any other children - and we really hope you'll be part of helping to make it possible.

So please will you donate now to sponsor one of the children? Your kindness means more than giving a child the chance to go to camp. It means an opportunity to overcome the hurts of the past and begin to believe that life can be amazing - and that the future holds the promise of all sorts of wonderful opportunities.

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How to help

Bringing up a child is expensive! And when you have a 'family' of 64, every extra bit of cash helps.

Order delicious party platters at reasonable rates ... or make use of our laundry service.

If you can spare an hour or two a week, please consider volunteering at our Home?

Check out our 'wish list' for items needed right now. Or contact us for more information.

Download the free app (Android, iPhone or Blackberry) and scan our code to donate safely and easily.

Run a marathon ... enter a cycle race ... or help our kids by asking friends to donate to JCH instead of buying you a birthday or anniversary gift.

Putting the pieces back together

The Johannesburg Children's Home provides
a safe refuge for 64 children of all races
who have been found in need of care by the Children's Court.

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