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Little souls need our care ... and yours

At the end of the year we say goodbye to four young people who are ready to "fly the coup", and welcome seven new children into our Home in January.

All the boys and girls are placed with us by the courts, and this only happens when there is nowhere else for them to go. So we know that these little ones will be carrying a lot of pain from their traumatic past. In the weeks and months ahead, there will be plenty of tears shed by the children as they adjust and settle into their new Home.

The skilled team of house moms & dads, social workers, therapists, and in fact everyone at our Home will be working very hard to mend those broken hearts. With time and patience both the physical and psychological trauma the children have experienced, will gradually start to heal.

And this is where your help will make all the difference.

We’ll need to provide intensive psychosocial and play therapy, occupational therapy and extra lessons to help them catch up lost ground at school.

With you in our corner we are able to successfully support these children throughout this process. It is encouraging to see the change from intake to exit and how support from people like you helps give them the courage they need to overcome the past and grow into confident, happy young boys and girls. It’s an investment in the future ... an investment in precious potential that might otherwise be wasted.

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From the Directors Desk
Annette Brokensha writes ...
[posted 20 January 2017]
Making music and memories
From an old, unused garage into a Music studio - thanks to funds raised through Servochems annual golf day!
[posted 20 January 2017]
Making birthdays special
When you are only six or ten years old, your birthday is the most important day of the year. You look forward to it for months - just so you can let everyone know how BIG you are getting.
[posted 20 January 2017]
Reaping the rewards
Thanks to assistance from ABSA Bank and Food & Trees for Africa, we now have a thriving vegetable garden in the grounds. Reaping the reward.
[posted 20 January 2017]
Shining stars
Every year we reward our children with special recognition of their talents and efforts in the classroom, on the sports field and in the home itself.
[posted 20 January 2017]

How to help

Bringing up a child is expensive! And when you have a 'family' of 64, every extra bit of cash helps.

If you can spare an hour or two a week, please consider volunteering at our Home?

Check out our 'wish list' for items needed right now. Or contact us for more information.

Visit our virtual store to choose items for our kids – and make today extra special!

Run a marathon ... enter a cycle race ... or create your own event to help our kids.

Putting the pieces back together

The Johannesburg Children's Home provides
a safe refuge for 64 children of all races
who have been found in need of care by the Children's Court.

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