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Help fill a school lunch box with satisfying goodness

When the school bell rings for break, and our kids open up their lunch boxes, there's one thing they'll always find inside ... love.

Because it takes a lot of love (and time!)
to prepare and pack 64 lunch boxes every day!

Our house mothers have plenty of love to go round. They gladly get up early in the morning to make sure every child sets off for school with a healthy and satisfying break time meal. But they could really use your help with the groceries!

As you can imagine, we get through a ton of bread. Not to mention fillings of chicken, mayonnaise, polony, cheese, lettuce and tomato. And we like to slip in a treat every day - a snack bar or muffin (vanilla and chocolate are favourites!) - as well as fruit in season.

It adds up to around R640 a day. Just to fill the kids' lunch boxes.

It's important for these children to have the same lunch as everyone else.

Because, kids growing up in a children's home are always worried about being 'different' from their friends at school. They are different. They've been hurt and afraid ... seen things young children shouldn't have to see ... perhaps even gone without food from time to time.

But that's in the past. They're safe with us now. And our job is to help them learn to be happy, carefree boys and girls again - just like their friends at school.

A little bit of your love,
sprinkled into those lunch boxes
would be such a help!

Your gift of R400 will sponsor lunch box meals for the children in one cottage for a whole week. R200 buys a big jar of mayonnaise for each cottage. R95 buys a tray of naartjies, a kg of bananas and a big bag of apples.

R640 will give every child in our home a full lunch box tomorrow. But any amount you can spare will help. So please will you make your contribution now?

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How to help

Bringing up a child is expensive! And when you have a 'family' of 64, every extra bit of cash helps.

Order delicious party platters at reasonable rates ... or make use of our laundry service.

If you can spare an hour or two a week, please consider volunteering at our Home?

Check out our 'wish list' for items needed right now. Or contact us for more information.

Download the free app (Android, iPhone or Blackberry) and scan our code to donate safely and easily.

Run a marathon ... enter a cycle race ... or help our kids by asking friends to donate to JCH instead of buying you a birthday or anniversary gift.

Putting the pieces back together

The Johannesburg Children's Home provides
a safe refuge for 64 children of all races
who have been found in need of care by the Children's Court.

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