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'Together apart' this Mandela Day

Nelson Mandela could never have forseen a crisis like this Coronavirus pandemic. But one thing's for sure: he would have handled it with grace and compassion for the less fortunate. He would have rallied South Africans to unite and stand together in their efforts to help and uplift one another.

Madiba would never have allowed Covid-19 to overcome our concern and caring! And we're determined to celebrate his spirit even though we can't welcome you into our Home this year.

Our children look forward so much to Mandela Day ... to visits from caring 'neighbours', bringing treats and fun activities into our Home. It is so disappointing that this year they are not allowed to welcome happy faces into their cottages. But we hope your kindness will still touch them, and we can still be 'together apart'.

Instead of spending your 67 minutes here, we ask you to 'cash in' your minutes and make a donation to the Johannesburg Children's Home in honour of Mandela Day.

For just R167 you can provide a child with essentials like:

  • Two reams of A4 paper, two hard cover books and one exercise book for school, or;
  • Soap, deodorant,toothpaste, body lotion and a box of tissue for personal care, or;
  • Tomato sauce, chutney, mayo, mustard, chilli sauce, salt and pepper for one cottage, or;
  • Medication like Panado, vitamins and cough syrup to keep our children healthy throughout winter

And because our world be a much better place if every day was Mandela Day – why not pledge your support not just once, but every month, by signing a monthly debit order.

You may not be able to visit us. But there's nothing to stop us popping in on YOU via Facebook. Keep and eye out for our virtual visits on Friday and Saturday, 17 and 18 July and welcome our children into your home this Mandela Day!

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How to help

Bringing up a child is expensive! And when you have a 'family' of 64, every extra bit of cash helps.

Order delicious party platters at reasonable rates ... or make use of our laundry service.

If you can spare an hour or two a week, please consider volunteering at our Home?

Check out our 'wish list' for items needed right now. Or contact us for more information.

Download the free app (Android, iPhone or Blackberry) and scan our code to donate safely and easily.

Run a marathon ... enter a cycle race ... or help our kids by asking friends to donate to JCH instead of buying you a birthday or anniversary gift.

Putting the pieces back together

The Johannesburg Children's Home provides
a safe refuge for 64 children of all races
who have been found in need of care by the Children's Court.

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