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What do you say to a soccer mad boy who dreams of playing for Kaizer Chiefs one day?

"Sorry, Jason, there's no money for soccer coaching or club fees. And you'll have to make do with those old boots for now because we can't afford to buy new ones."

I'm sure it's a situation that plays out in many, many home across our country. But in most of those homes, the kids have something ours do not: involved, caring parents doing the best they can.

Our boys and girls are fragile. Their hopes and dreams have been broken too many times in the past. And it's difficult for them to believe that they can be anything they want to be, no matter how often we tell them this.

We have to prove it.

And that means finding a way to pay for the 'extras' that spark interest and nuture talent. Like dancing lessons, outfits and shoes ... paint, brushes and canvasses for budding artists ... guitars, flutes and jembes for aspiring musicians.

Right now we have two Gauteng provincial youth lawn bowls players. Such an amazing achievement and we are so proud of them. But just getting to and from the Belgravia Bowling Club – where they play – costs R60 in taxi fares.

We also have kids who want to learn karate and yoga. That means kits and mouth guards and yoga mats – even if lessons are given free by generous members of the community.

I so badly want to give our boys and girls the opportunity to participate in sports and hobbies that bring pleasure and fulfillment. And the satisfaction that comes from knowing there's something you're really good at.

Please will you help me?


Most of these children have come from homes where there was precious little encouragement or praise. Many feel that they are just a nuisance. Or that there's something wrong with them that made their parents beat them, or withhold food.

It's up to us to show them that they are loved and valued. And your donation, made online now, will give these kids the chance to shine.

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How to help

Bringing up a child is expensive! And when you have a 'family' of 64, every extra bit of cash helps.

Order delicious party platters at reasonable rates ... or make use of our laundry service.

If you can spare an hour or two a week, please consider volunteering at our Home?

Check out our 'wish list' for items needed right now. Or contact us for more information.

Make a birthday donation of R125, R1250 or R12500 in celebration of this milestone year for JCH

Run a marathon ... enter a cycle race ... or help our kids by asking friends to donate to JCH instead of buying you a birthday or anniversary gift.

Putting the pieces back together

The Johannesburg Children's Home provides
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who have been found in need of care by the Children's Court.

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