Exciting news
Our dream of having our own Charity Shop is now a reality
[posted 16 March 2018]
Thanks for giving holiday fun
If you have children or grandchildren of your own, you’ll know how exciting it is for them to go off on an adventure holiday camp ...
[posted 18 January 2018]
Follow my leader
Johannesburg Children’s Home is proud to be developing some great leaders among our children!
[posted 18 January 2018]
Memories relived at 125th Reunion
Saturday 30 September 2017 was a beautiful sun filled day, perfect for what was about to unfold ... our celebratory tea for the children who have passed through our doors over the past 125 years.
[posted 18 January 2018]
Awards and rewards
There was great excitement at our annual year end Awards event, when our children received acknowledgement for their special achievements.
[posted 17 January 2018]
When I grow up, I want to be ...
A career exhibition day at Johannesburg Children’s Home recently led to opportunities for job ‘shadowing’ and part time work for our children.
[posted 17 January 2018]
The magic of Christmas
Children and Christmas just seem to go together; from the excitement of decorating the tree to a visit from Santa and heaps of presents, this wonderful time of the year has the power to make eyes shine and hearts fill with happiness
[posted 17 January 2018]
From the Directors Desk
Annette Brokensha writes ...
[posted 17 January 2018]
Karate Kids
Through our One goal, one dream programme, children at JCH have been inspired to take up karate - and are doing incredibly well!
[posted 17 January 2018]
Give - and get
Did you know that donations to JCH are tax deductible? You are entitled to claim up to 10% of your taxable income
[posted 17 January 2018]

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