We supply food platters!
Order your platters from us and support our children
[posted 25 April 2017]
From the Directors Desk
Annette Brokensha writes ...
[posted 20 January 2017]
Making music and memories
From an old, unused garage into a Music studio - thanks to funds raised through Servochems annual golf day!
[posted 20 January 2017]
Making birthdays special
When you are only six or ten years old, your birthday is the most important day of the year. You look forward to it for months - just so you can let everyone know how BIG you are getting.
[posted 20 January 2017]
Reaping the rewards
Thanks to assistance from ABSA Bank and Food & Trees for Africa, we now have a thriving vegetable garden in the grounds. Reaping the reward.
[posted 20 January 2017]
Shining stars
Every year we reward our children with special recognition of their talents and efforts in the classroom, on the sports field and in the home itself.
[posted 20 January 2017]
Christmas fun thanks to you
Grateful thanks to everyone who made donations of cash, toys, sports equipment, outings and party food to ensure that our children were not left out of the festive fun.
[posted 20 January 2017]
Our new Music Room
Servochem make our dreams come true
[posted 2 August 2016]
Protecting children
JCH social work manager Linda Madhoyo shares some tips for parents
[posted 22 June 2016]
News from the children
Our children are doing so well - thanks to your loyal support
[posted 22 June 2016]

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