Days of our lives

Ever wonder how our children spend their days? Much the same as children everywhere, they are involved in all sorts of activities from watching movies and playing games to learning to cook and helping with the chores.

We thought you’d enjoy these recent snapshot moments of life at the Johannesburg Children’s Home. Thank you for everything you do to give our children a happy childhood with opportunities to experience all that life has to offer – and to learn the skills they will need as successful, well-adjusted adults.

Freedom Day Celebrations
The children learned about the significance of the day, and expressed their understanding of freedom through dance, drama and poetry.

width=360A taste of grown up life!
Children in our Siya Sibenza group (pictured alongside) were given the task of cooking a meal for their cottages. They had to do everything – from planning the meal and grocery shopping, (including comparing prices to ensure they stuck within their budget) through to cooking and serving the meal.

Starting a new life
One of our older boys obtained a certificate in animal grooming skills from Fluffs and Tufts – and is now working for the Dog Grooming and Day Care Boarding Facility.

[ Posted 24 July 2018 ]

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