width=350Reaching for the stars

One of the most exciting aspects of working with children is that they are like blank slates, upon which almost anything could be written. It might seem unlikely, but it’s within the realm of possibility that one of our boys or girls could grow up to be the future president of South Africa! Or to serve society as a teacher, doctor, policeman or fire fighter.

Encouraging them to reach for the stars, while at the same time to be realistic about their future careers, is part of our work with the children. We aim to expose to them to as many options as possible, to nurture talent and to guide them towards careers where they will shine and enjoy job satisfaction.

Recently, the SiyaSibenza children had the opportunity to attend a digital skills workshop at Vodacom, where they learned about the changing economy and the types of jobs that will still be relevant in a society with robot technology. Now, ‘digital ninja’ is top of the ‘I want to be a ...’ list!

Sci Bono has helped the older children to reflect on their personal strengths and aptitudes when considering a career, while Standard Bank gave a presentation on saving and opening a bank account. A recruitment agent and image consultant have also spent time teaching the older children interview skills and how to dress to impress a potential employer.

When I grow up, I want to be ... many of our little boys want to be policemen, firemen, soldiers, soccer players or pilots – while the girls dream of becoming doctors, singers, nurses, teachers and actors. Almost all the children need therapy and counselling to learn to believe in themselves ... and to believe that the future is bright with promise.

Thank you to all our wonderful supporters who enable us to provide these necessities, along with food, school fees, books, clothing, sports equipment and transport. Together, we’re giving these boys and girls a solid foundation on which to build bright hopes and dreams for the future ... and helping them make those dreams come true.

[ Posted 24 July 2018 ]

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