HolidayHoliday camp teaches kids about teamwork

Last year our kids were lucky enough to enjoy a wonderful holiday at Camp Riverlake on the Vaal River. With activities such as swimming, canoeing, tree swinging and wall climbing it was fun, fun, fun from dawn to dusk.

There were also opportunities to learn valuable lessons, such as when they took on the spiderweb challenge. The goal was to get everyone through a ‘spiderweb’ of rope without touching it.

After much debate and several failures, the kids decided they needed to work as a team. They all held hands and went through the mud underneath the web. There were muddy faces and scratched knees and elbows, but they emerged triumphant at the other side.

One of the older boys enjoyed the camp so much that he asked to be allowed to train as a camp facilitator. Every weekend, he goes back to Riverlake to help other young people make the most of the experience.

[ Posted 9 March 2019 ]

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