All aboard for holiday fun!

We asked you to help us send our kids to summer camp – and you didn’t disappoint. On behalf of every boy and girl who enjoyed a wonderful four days away at Camp Tholo – thank you!

Camp Tholo in North West Province provides an adventure and leadership experience that’s not only great fun, but also helps develop children’s self confidence, problem solving skills, team building and environmental awareness and knowledge.

During their time away, the kids learned about the local wildlife, toasted marsh mallows round the camp fire at night, and participated in all sorts of games and activities, including the dreaded ‘obstacle course’ – designed to help children overcome fears by showing them that they can do something completely outside their comfort zone, even when they think they can’t!

Much hilarity resulted when a curious Vervet monkey stole one of the boys’ trousers. We were told that the monkey actually put the trousers on ... but that story was just a bit too tall for us to swallow!

[ Posted 4 March 2020 ]

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