Before I get to the business of reporting back on what was a very busy and creative 2019, I want to thank you sincerely for your unwavering support.

Over the past year, your generous donations have helped provide everything from basic necessities like food and clothing – right through to treats and holidays. I cannot tell you how grateful we are to have your support as we strive to provide the best possible care to the 64 boys and girls entrusted to us.

Elsewhere in our latest newsletter you’ll read inspiring stories about how these kids, who have been dealt a rough hand in life, have grasped the opportunities offered through our sports, education, religious and life skills programmes to turn their lives around.

We congratulate our three matriculants on their successful passes, and look forward to seeing them blossom as they continue their studies in tertiary institutions in 2020. We also have four successful President’s Awards achievers. But it’s not just the shining stars who make us proud; each and every child has made progress according to his or her own abilities and fields of interest.

One of the highlights of the year was our Career Day. Being able to focus on a possible future path has helped to give our children direction and stability, and we are extremely grateful to the exhibitors for taking the time and trouble to spark their interest.

Once again, the children were able to participate in the Magic of Music. They enjoyed a full holiday programme, including a fantastic time at the adventure camp, and a wonderful Christmas party – thanks to your kindness!

We also thank our local community for their enthusiastic support of our income generating projects ... and those involved in our vegetable and herb gardens, which now provide more than half the fresh produce needed for the children’s meals.

We look forward to a happy and productive 2020 - and wish you and yours every happiness in the year ahead.

[ Posted 4 March 2020 ]

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