Protecting Children

Linda Madhoyo is the social work manager for JCH whose job is to oversee the therapeutic, educational and psychosocial programmes for the children. She plays an integral part in guiding and developing our children to reach their full potential, ultimately modelling them into becoming positive role models in society.

JCH provides various programmes for our children, including “Speak Up” which aims to inform children of their rights and responsibilities. During child protection month Linda would like to offer some sound advice to parents and care givers as to how to prevent and protect their children from child abuse.

Parents should be aware of their children’s whereabouts all the time. They need to know the people who are caring for them, should they have work obligations or other commitments. It is vital for parents to do thorough checks on the people with whom they leave their children.

In terms of section 118 of the Children’s Act 38 of 2005, a National Child Protection Register was established with a record of persons unsuitable to work with children. People who work with children should have a police clearance. It is of paramount importance for parents to find out who their children’s friends are and if possible meet their parents too.

Here are Linda’s five simple steps to educate your children about prevention of child abuse.

  • Should anyone bother you while walking to and from school report it to a trusted adult.
  • If someone who you do not feel comfortable with offers you gifts or favours, do not accept the gift and tell a trusted adult.
  • If someone tries to take you somewhere, try and get away as quickly as possible, yell and shout “I don’t know you! Help me!”
  • Always tell your parents where you are, never play in parks or malls on your own.
  • Trust your feelings. If someone makes you feel scared or uncomfortable always tell a trusted adult.

JCH is one of the oldest charities in Gauteng and has cared for thousands of children over the past 124 years. We believe that child care is not just the provision of food and shelter, but also includes the provision of a special place for a child to be, a home in which he/she can take pride and feel surrounded by love and warmth.

Celebrating Child Protection Week
Many of the children brought to JCH have suffered traumatic experiences that take a lot to overcome. One of the many avenues we teach our children to use to express themselves is cultural activities such as music, drama and dance.

In celebrating Child Protection Week this year members of our children’s forum hosted a talent show for our children. This was a fun filled event where super talent was exposed and children were shown how they can rise above negative circumstances.

[ Posted 22 June 2016 ]

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