Shining stars


Every year we reward our children with special recognition of their talents and efforts in the classroom, on the sports field and in the home itself.

It’s a chance for all the children to shine, because even those who are not sporty, academic, musical or creative can win awards for attitude and social skills, such as helpfulness and friendliness.

Our Children’s Forum, which is growing in leadership and presentation skills, played a big role in determining who the winners would be. It was an event for the children by the children.

In an effort to create a warm and welcoming environment, we also have a ‘Newcomer’s Award’ to make those who have recently joined our ‘family’ feel important and special.

It is a happy and loving event and even the new children and those who find it hard to adjust to life in a children’s home enjoy the fun and dancing to music. Well done kids ... you are all winners in our eyes.

Looking forward to the future
Our eldest boy, who is currently studying engineering at college, continues to do very well and make us proud. He works hard at his studies and is looking forward to graduating in July. We know this dedicated young man has a bright future ahead of him.

[ Posted 20 January 2017 ]

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