Making birthdays special

width=418When you’re only six or ten years old, your birthday is the most important day of the year. You look forward to it for months – just so you can let everyone know how BIG you are getting.

How terribly disappointing it would be if no one remembered your birthday ... if there was no gift, no one to sing “Happy Birthday to you,” and no special cake with candles to be blown out and wishes to be made.

At JCH, we try to make each child’s birthday everything that they wish for. And we are so very grateful to Net Florist for delivering a specially packed birthday hamper to each child on his or her special day. They even held a party to launch this project.

Thank you to Net Florist for helping to create beautiful childhood memories for the boys and girls at Johannesburg Children’s Home.

[ Posted 20 January 2017 ]

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