From the Director’s Desk

Looking back on 2017, it will be remembered as a wonderfully festive year at JCH, as we celebrated our 125th birthday.

The reality of this milestone came to life at our reunion party, were several generations of ‘old’ boys and girls came together to celebrate their childhood home. Many of their recollections had a common theme: “I was so naughty ... I gave the care workers such a hard time. BUT they never stopped caring.”

It was deeply encouraging to spend time with this unique group of people who were so grateful for the safe haven JCH offered all those years ago. At the time, you don’t always see the impact of time spent with children; but with the passing of months, years and decades, a very meaningful picture emerges – and I want to thank these people for being so open, warm and willing to share personal highs and lows with us.

I know that the team face many challenges – they must help children cope with the most profound pain, while at the back of all our minds is the need to keep afloat financially, despite the dire economic situation in our country. It has been tremendously exciting to set up our small business projects aimed at making the home more self sustaining, as well as teaching the children a wider range of work skills.

Our vegetable gardens are flourishing – to the extent that we can sell spinach to passers-by. Our composting project is also thriving and we will likely have a few bags of compost to sell soon.

Apart from that, the children have been very busy. We have several successful President’s Awards achievers and school leaders. Many people donate their time and expertise to teach swimming, karate and soccer .. bring birthday cakes, play board games, offer homework support and mentoring.

As always, my heartfelt thanks to all of you who have given of yourselves and your resources to bring meaningful change to our children’s lives. We wish you everything of the best for 2018.

[ Posted 17 January 2018 ]

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