When I grow up, I want to be ...

width=450A career exhibition day at Johannesburg Children’s Home recently led to opportunities for job ‘shadowing’ and part time work for our children.

Several different businesses and sectors were invited to present career opportunities to the children as part of the Siya Sibenza programme. This resulted in some children deciding to take their future into their own hands and start researching careers and job opportunities.

Three children went for interviews and made a very good impression; two participated in ‘take a child to work day’ at Alexander Forbes; one completed a course in animal grooming and another completed an internship at Hillsong Church. A girl who volunteered to join the creative team at Hillsong Church discovered a passion for photography which may well shape her future.

Although our legal commitment to our children ends once they attain their 18th birthday, like most parents we continue to love and support them beyond this milestone year ... especially if they dream of a career which requires a diploma or university degree. Funding higher education is an ongoing challenge – so if your company offers bursaries or internship opportunities, please do get in touch with us on 011 023 6871 or email fundraiser@jch.org.za.

[ Posted 17 January 2018 ]

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