From the Director’s Desk

As I reflect on the past 6 months, I am once again encouraged by the significant support you’ve given our children. I am delighted so many people offer their time and expertise to help the children learn about the world, develop curiosity, play, laugh and grow.

Thanks to those who regularly donate their time to play board games and read stories... those who mentor our children – home-work heroes, language teachers, soccer and karate coaches, baking and cake decorating instructors – and those who organise (and sponsor) movie nights, treasure hunts, youth clubs and regular church attendance.

Together we are building our vision: young people achieving their potential and contributing to their future and society. There are so many things that need to be in place for this vision to be reality – from healing past hurts and encouraging dreams and goals, to developing the emotional maturity, social and practical skills that empower children to achieve these.

To this end we have set a goal to find a homework helper for each child and a mentor for children with-out any supportive extended family members. It’s ambitious, but this is a very real need. Did you know that a mentored child is 46% less likely to use drugs, 32% less likely to engage in violence and 53% more likely to engage in school? A child is 75% more likely to finish school if asked “how was school” every day.

We have also set up some new projects to generate income and grow our own food. This gives the children age appropriate opportunities to get involved in ‘real’ work activities that affect them. Obviously we are limited to what we can do here. Children who want to become lawyers, musicians, accountants, scientists, police officers, engineers, designers, photographers, beauty therapists, etc would benefit immensely from your guidance if you are involved in any of these professions.

I trust you enjoy reading about the children’s activities, and thank you for your contributions – whether in kind, in time or in cash, or in thoughts, prayers, notes or phone calls to encourage us.

It is only with this kind of community support that the Johannesburg Children’s Home has been able to stand the test of time over the past 125 years.

[ Posted 30 June 2017 ]

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