Celebrating 125 years of caring

width=378For well over a century, the Johannesburg Children’s Home has provided sanctuary and hope for some of the city’s most needy and vulnerable residents.

Almost as old as the city itself, the Johannesburg Children’s Home was established in 1892 by a group of socially conscious women, primarily to assist single parents who were unable to look after their children while they were working. Over time, it evolved into a full-time residential care facility for orphans and children whose parents were unable to care for them.

Initially, the home simply provided essential material needs – food, clothing, shelter and basic education. Today, most of the children admitted come from abusive homes and require emotional healing as much as physical care.

Their emotional, psychological and recreational needs are met by an impressive range of social welfare professionals – and every effort is made to educate and train the children so that they can fulfil their potential once they leave. Previously children could expect little more than to enter trades, domestic service or other blue collar jobs, regardless of their abilities.

Throughout our history, we’ve relied on the people of Johannesburg to play their part in giving our city’s abused and neglected children a second chance of a happy life. Individuals and corporates are invited to contribute towards this ongoing goal – and support a winning brand that is older than Coca-Cola!

Give your gifts away Birthday Challenge

In celebration of our 125th birthday, we’re asking you to give away your own birthday to our children.

Simply let family and friends know that instead of buying you gifts for your next birthday, you’d appreciate the gift of making a child happy. They can give you this simply by making a donation to the JCH.

Your gift will have a positive impact on children who’ve had a harsh start in life – helping them to overcome the past and grow into happy, successful young men and women.

[ Posted 30 June 2017 ]

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