Memories relived at 125th Reunion

Saturday 30 September 2017 was a beautiful sun filled day, perfect for what was about to unfold ... our celebratory tea for the children who have passed through our doors over the past 125 years.

Watching the faces of children who are now grown up as they re-connected with staff (some who have been here 40 years) was an unbelievably moving experience. There were hugs, laughter, shrieks of delight and a few tears. There were high fives when “children” met up again after many years ... rekindling friendships and reminiscing about their childhood at the Home. Again and again we heard the phrase, “Do you remember when ...?” There were gleeful chuckles and shaking of heads at the memory, “Oh we were so naughty!”

Of those who attended, the oldest child left JCH in 1960 and the youngest left our care 56 years later in 2016.

After tea and slices of celebratory birthday cake, many of the guests went to have a look at their old cottages and rooms.

One “child” (now aged 45) came all the way from Durban; it was the first time he had visited his old “home”. Others brought their own children with them to see where mom or dad had grown up, and it was wonderful to see the children playing together, just as their parents had all those years ago.

It does not matter how old a son or daughter is, they will always be your child and they need to know they are welcome to visit their home at any time.

[ Posted 18 January 2018 ]

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