Thanks for giving holiday fun

/If you have children or grandchildren of your own, you’ll know how exciting it is for them to go off on an adventure holiday camp ... the big bus waiting in the car park, laughing and singing on the drive, settling in and exploring the camp, and then participating in lots of fun activities.

Thanks to the wonderful generosity of our supporters, we were able to send all our children to Bushtrails in the Magaliesburg during the holidays. It was not only great fun, but also an opportunity to bond with one another and to learn about nature, teamwork and leadership.

Hiking ... learning about trees, insects and snakes ... working together as a team to complete the obstacle course ... making a fire and cooking a meal on it ... learning how to use the stars at night to tell direction ... playing games and baking cookies together – it all added up to a fantastic holiday which will be remembered for many months to come.

Thank you for helping to make this experience possible – your kindness meant the world to our kids.

[ Posted 18 January 2018 ]

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